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SaveInsta Downloader for Android

Install the SaveInsta app on Android to save video & ảnh on Instagram (IG) more easily and conveniently.

What is SaveInsta tool?

If you are a regular Instagram (Insta) user, you will definitely know the SaveInsta application. SaveInsta is an application that works on Android and iOS, allow you to simply save and download Instagram (IG) photo or video to phone without any difficulty. is a tool to download Video & Photo from IG (Instagram) on a web browser (SaveInsta web version). Unlike SaveInsta for Android and iOS, SaveInsta on the web will work based on a web browser and it works on any device such as Mac, Windows, Linux and even iPhone or Android.

We launched to overcome some limited features on the SaveInsta app on iPhone and Android such as: Download private Instagram photo & video, download Instagram Reels and IGTV in 1080p, save Story and Highlight video and many other features are waiting for you to discover.

Why use the web version of SaveInsta?

  • Supports private download of Instagram photo and video.
  • Allows save Instagram Reels & IGTV video in 1080p quality.
  • Download Instagram Stories & Highlights to mp4.
  • SaveInsta runs on a web browser, no software installation required.
  • SaveInsta Web supports Mac, PC, iPad & smartphone.
  • SaveInsta Web is completely free (no PRO upgrade required).

How to use SaveInsta to download Instagram video & photo on the web?

  • On Instagram, copy the post link of the photo or video you want to download.
  • Open a browser and go to (SaveInsta web version).
  • Paste the post link into the search box on and hit the Download button.
  • SaveInsta will extract Instagram photo or video and save them to your device.

How to copy Instagram (IG) post link on browser?

  1. Visit (IG) using your device's browser.
  2. Scroll to the Instagram (IG) post (Video or Photo) you want to save.
  3. Click on the three-dot icon (in the upper right corner of the post) and select Copy link.

Steps to copy video link on Instagram app?

  1. First, open the Instagram (IG) app on iPhone or Android device.
  2. Find the Instagram (IG) post (Story, Photo, Video) you want to download.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon or share icon and select Copy link.
  4. Finished. The post link has been copied, paste it into SaveInsta to download.

Can't get photo or video information (SaveInsta App)?

There are many reasons why we cannot extract photo or video from your link such as: invalid Instagram (IG) link, post (IG) restricted by country, deleted Instagram (IG) post, account of locked post, ..etc.

However, if your account can still view the post (Instagram), try download the photo or video of this post using Private Instagram Downloader.

Can't download photo, video in private mode (Instagram)?

Private photo or video are posts that are posted in private mode or the poster's account is set to private mode. We were unable to extract data from these articles. So, use the "Download private Instagram in HD (" feature to save photo or video from these posts.

Please note that when using SaveInsta (Web & App), you are subject to our terms. Do not use SaveInsta to violate the law, violate the copyright or privacy rights of others.

Q&A about SaveInsta Web

Steps to use

  1. Copy the link of the Instagram photo or video to download.
  2. Open on web browser and paste the Instagram (IG) link and input box.
  3. Click the Download button and wait for SaveInsta to extract the photo or video.
  4. Save Instagram (IG) video & photo to your device and enjoy.

Should I use SaveInsta App or SaveInsta Web? (SaveInsta Web) is a version developed to overcome the limitations of SaveInsta App. Therefore, you should prioritize using SaveInsta on a web browser because it fully supports features and does not require software installation.

How to upgrade SaveInsta (Web) PRO?

The web version of SaveInsta is a completely free tool and a PRO version is not provided. You can support us by sharing and recommending the SaveInsta tool to your friends and relatives.

How to download anonymous video & photo on Instagram (IG)?

When using SaveInsta (Web & App), you will be completely anonymous. We don't ask you for any information and we don't save your download history.

Does support download video from TT, FB and TW?

No. is a version specifically for Instagram users (Instagram Downloader). However, we will direct you to the right tool to download your content.